Colin McRae

As Britain’s first ever World Rally Champion, Colin McRae took, Lanark, Subaru and the sport of rallying to another level. Not bad for somebody who once confessed he might have spent his working life up to his elbow in shit, had he remained in the family plumbing business.
But before he took on the world and won, McRae demonstrated massive commitment both on and off the stages to carve out the career of his choice. Naturally gifted on two wheels, it was in a car that Colin really shone. And shone from the start.
In 11 years, McRae went from winning the West of Scotland Autotest Championship as a determined 16-year-old to being at the very top of the World Rally Championship.
In November, 1995, courtesy of the flying Scot, Britain ruled the rallying world. And McRae’s record as the youngest ever winner of the WRC still stands today.
But Colin McRae was about more than just winning rallies and championships. His was a story which redefined the sport and shaped a generation of rally watchers. Colin captured the imagination of fans across the world. He did it faster and more spectacularly than anybody.
And he did it with a charisma which remains unmatched today.

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