This book details the real Colin McRae, from his humble beginnings to global fame through world championship success. It explains his natural talent, flamboyant driving style and epic wins as well as his rivalries, friendships and spectacular crashes. This book uncovers every aspect of Colin’s character, with a collection of personal stories, told by family and friends who knew him best. And there are the previously untold stories, like the time Prince William asked to meet the Scot. Just Colin provides a rare insight into McRae’s infectious personality. McKlein Photography, and in particular another Colin [McMaster], worked closely with McRae throughout his rally career. The best of McKlein’s photo archive has been used to lavishly illustrate all these fascinating stories. Much of the private and behind-the-scenes photography shown in this book has never previously been published.

English version ISBN: 978-3-927458-64-2
German version ISBN: 978-3-927458-63-5

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